Our roots are show horses that we started on competitive trail rides in 2001 in order to keep them fresh in the show ring.  We found that they LOVED the sport, and so did we, as we have logged OVER 25,000 miles in sixteen years.  We ride all rides, CTR & endurance, although we start most of our young stock on CTR after their junior horse show ring careers.

We raise most of these guys, and they are part of the family, hence the name Companion Arabians.


DA-Al-Capone102 MasterMahogny20

2013 Trussardi Foals Tru Beau Sardi chestnut colt out of Precious Beaunita (Precious Ebonita x NV Beau Bey) and Truly a Whorley Girl, bay filly out of Vasketta (Bask Anne x Versace)



2017 Scenic Spruce Creek Fall Fling Endurance  & 2017 Spruce Creek Fall Fling CTR September 16-17  POSTPONED until 9/23-24 or 9/30-Oct 1 Endurance Entry:  2017 Scenic Spruce Creek Fall No Frills Endurance final  CTR Entry:  2017 Scenic Spruce Creek Fall No Frills CTR

2017 Broxton Bridge Plantation Entry November 9-12  coming soon

2017 Broxton Bridge Plantation FEI DRAFT SCHEDULE Ehrhardt, SC unapproved: Endurance DS 2017 ehrhardt, sc USA November

Nov 24-25, 2017 River Rise CTR SEDRA 25 Mile CTR +AHA Region 12 CTR Championships entry 2017 River Rise Oleno AHA R12 CTR final

Goethe Gallivant AERC-FEI  SEDRA SERA 25/50/75. 100 Endurance + Intro Rides       Jan 4-7, 2018   ENTRY FORM coming soon

2018 Goethe Gallivant FEI Draft Schedule HERE after 2018 forms are available!~ 

2018 Broxton Bridge Plantation Entry January 25-28  coming soon

2018 Broxton Bridge Plantation FEI DRAFT SCHEDULE Ehrhardt, SC coming after 2018 forms available

2018 Central FL Arabian Spring Classic, Arabian Show April coming  in 2018