Current Performers

We’ve had some wonderful stallions but we are smart enough to know that great dams contribute more to successful offspring.  Therefore, we have selected a variety of mares from Polish, Russian, and Egyptian bloodlines to cross with our straight and Egyptian bred stallions.  The foals are given lots of attention the first year of their lives and then they are moved to the ranch where they can run, play, and develop wind and muscle as they roam over hundreds of acres of pasture.  We bring them in as three year olds and then start most of them on a junior horse show track, followed by a year of CTR and Limited Distance rides.  This allows plenty of time to develop those legs and love of the sport.  Here are some photos of the young stock!

There are many Companion Arabians to choose from.  For a custom fit please fill out the form below.

Nazeefs Pinot Noir

Nazeefs Pinot Noir “Pino” 2003 Chestnut Gelding with almost 2500 CTR and endurance miles including 3 one day 100 mile rides. In 2013, he was 19 FEI OPEN WORLD ENDURANCE RANKED HORSE out of 5837 total.

Zeefas Masterpiece Gem, “Gemi” 2006 bay filly; 2009 AHA R12 Arabian Champion Sport Horse in Hand Futurity Mare and 2010 AHA R12 Champion Arabian Western Pleasure Futurity; Top Five Arabian Futurity Hunter Pleasure and Sport Horse Under Saddle; > 1200 miles of CTR, LD, and endurance to include FOUR FEI 2* ride with Champion and multiple top tens

Whorley – Bay yearling filly by Trussardi out of Versace dam (Vasketta). Halter training, AHA sweepstakes and Region 12 Spotlight Futurity Nominated

CA Spotless Summer Magic “Spotty”

CA Spotless Summer Magic “Spotty”
2004 Half Arabian (Ebony Masterpiece x Summer Magic) – Reserve Champion Junior Half Arabian Filly and Reserve Champion High Point Half Arabian Mares All Ages – Central FL Arabian Winter Classic In 2010 Half Arabian Reserve Champion Halter Mare; Over 1700 distance miles including multiple AHA R12 CTR Championships and Reserves; FEI  NINE 2* rides and one FEI 3* 160 km 100 mile ride – Spotty and young rider Hunter Green were 12th in the world in overall young riders 2013 and Hilda and Spotty were #2 for FEI Open Horse and Rider Combination and Spotty is #5 overall Word Open Rankings! 

Amals Sandi Ballerina

Amals Sandi Ballerina “Sandi”
2004 Chestnut Mare 2007 R12 Champion Sport Horse in Hand Futurity Mare, R12 Top Five Arabian Futurity Mares; 2008 Top Five R12 Sport Horse Under Saddle Futurity, Over 1000 distance miles including FHA 3 Day 100 mile CTR Grand Champion and multiple top ten endurance rides. Going on maternity leave in 2016.

Precious Beaunita BoBo

Precious Beaunita “BoBo”
(NV Beau Bey x Precious Ebonita (Ebony Masterpiece) – Regional Reserve Champion Futurity Pleasure, in the distance arena, she has completed almost 3500 miles. In 2011, before going on maternity leave, she was 7th FEI Open World Endurance Horse and Rider Combination out of 4720. Bobo has done FIVE 1 day 100 mile rides now back at work and doing well!  She has completed 9 FEI 2* 75 Mile rides.  She is currently #12 in the Open FEI World Horse Rankings in 2015.

Snake Eyes Leroy 9 year old Anglo Arab – 2008 Sport Horse in Hand Futurity Half Arab Gelding Champion! 2009 Sport Horse Half Arabian Futurity Champion and Main Ring Hunter Pleasure Futurity Champion; 2010 Central Fl Arabian Winter Classic – Half Arab Sport Horse Champion Jr. Horse–in hand and under saddle; 2010 R12 Training Level Open Reserve Champion; R12 Training Level Jr. Horse Top Five (3rd); R12 Half Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Jr. Horse Reserve Champion! Has completed over 1170 distance miles and was the SERA Freshman Horse of the Year in 2013, and R12 AHA Half Arabian CTR Champion. He has completed two AERC 100 mile rides and multiple FEI 75 milel rides and was ranked in the AERC SE 6th overall in 2014! Leroy continues to amaze – he is the #1 ranked FEI Open World Endurance Horse out of almost 4500 horses and is the 2015 AHA Half Arabian Competitive Trail Champion.

2004 Grey Gelding with >2600 miles to include CTR, LD, endurance with multiple top tens and best conditions along with seven one day 100 mile rides! Just now getting fit! In 2013, he and one of the USA SE Young Riders were #2 in the YEAR END WORLD YOUNG RIDER RANKINGS out of 957 combinations. Hoover in 2015 is the #2 FEI OPEN WORLD HORSE RANKINGS out of 4467 horses! (Becky Pearman Photographer)

 Hoover is currently the 2015 #2 FEI OPEN WORLD ENDURANCE HORSE.

 Hoover is currently the 2015 #2 FEI OPEN WORLD ENDURANCE HORSE.

Torpedo Masterpiece and his younger brother, Hoover the Mover. Over 2600 miles including 11 FEI 75 mile rides (Becky Pearman Photographer).  Torpedo has completed 15 FEI 2* 75 mile rides with riders from 11 different countries! 

Ebs Regal Majjaan, 2005 Bay Arabian, over 1775 distance miles including AHA Reserve Champion CTR 2012 and in 2013, he and Cheryl were #4 in the FEI Endurance Horse and Rider Combinations of 5837 rankings and he was 7th overall OPEN WORLD ENDURANCE horse rankings out of 5073. (Becky Pearman Photographer). He was 2nd in his first FEI 3* 160 km/100 mile ride in november, 2014.

CA Khomets Storm Runner

Khomets Storm Runner 3/4 Arab – 2013 SPORT HORSE NATIONALS TOP TEN HALF ARABIAN TRAINING LEVEL JUNIOR HORSE & TOP TEN TRAINING LEVEL ATR (33 entries) along with SIX AHA Region 12 Top Five Dressage (one Reserve Champion) titles as a junior horse. Just starting his distance career but was the 2014 AHA SEDRA High Point Half Arabian! See his dressage photo at AHA R12 below!

CA Blazing Khomet Blaze

CA Blazing Khomet ‘Blaze’
08 gelding,
will go GREY so Blaze will be white hot! – As a four year year old, AHA Region 12 Top Five Sport Horse U/S and Training Level Dressage Junior Horse Top Fives (see below). Almost 16 hands now and about grown up enough for distance!  Completed one LD and two CTRS earning Reserve Champion!

Bobo Bo Red Barn 3-29-10

Khomets Storm Runner and CA Blazing Khomet at the AHA R12 show in 2012